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We capture the vibrancy and diversity reflective of the world we wish to live in.
TERRA Visuals offers a full suite of services at every stage of production from conceptualization to post production. Through documentaries, narrative films, commercials, and music videos the goal of TERRA remains to increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), womxn-led, queer, gender non-conforming and trans experiences in the media - one project at a time.



We believe in the power of media to change the world. 

We know that a strong concept can influence opinions and shift the social discourse. 

We create with this in mind. 

We believe that our experiences have a greater purpose. 

What we carry, serves us and when we show up as our full selves the best product results. 

We believe in evolution and being aware of what needs to change, beginning with ourselves.


We operate from a growth mindset and pivot toward possibilities. 

We release any indoctrination of what is and instead invite all that could be. 

We believe in truth through expression and are excited to capture the ways it shows up. 

We create with intention; choosing projects that align with our deepest desires of how we wish to see the world.


Lisa Janae (she/her, they/them) is a creative born and raised in Los Angeles and currently residing in Brooklyn. Janae is the recipient of the SONY Alpha Female+ Award and often makes work which seeks to ground, connect, and inspire. Believing that people can go beyond the confines of one discipline, Janae has dedicated themself to existing and performing without limitations. In front of the camera, they are a member of the Screen Actors Guild and have most recently co-starred in Full Circle on HBO and Law and Order: Organized Crime on NBC. They have a Bachelor's degree in Film Production from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master's Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. They have worked for the United Nations, lived in more than 4 countries, and traveled to more than 37 adding to their desire to capture humanity with an unbound aesthetic.

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