about us  


TERRA like its Latin name means "Earth"


Our mission is to create projects grounded in social commentary. We seek to inspire visionary artistic expression and connect marginalized stories and experiences across film, television, and digital platforms. 


founder bio

Gender Pronouns: She/Her They/Them


Lisa Janae is a Black, Queer Multimedia Artist, Activist and Actor from Los Angeles, CA currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work uses photography and film as a medium for connecting individuals.


Believing that people can go beyond the confines of one discipline, Lisa has dedicated herself to existing and performing without limitations. This is reflected in her photography and film work which seeks to ground, connect and inspire.


Lisa moves with intention and is drawn to create art centered in the black, LGBT+ cultural experience. Her work has been featured in TedED, AfroPunk Music Festival, The Los Angeles Herald and other outlets.


Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. She has worked for the United Nations, lived in more than 4 countries, and traveled to more than 30 all adding to her desire to capture humanity with unbound aesthetic.